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      Attending my early MIPTVs, I have this first TV experience in my lifetime. And it has changed my life forever.

      I came to MIPTV many many years ago, and it was about 13 years ago, I saw the remake of year 2000’s “The Miracle Worker” here in the MIPTV sellers’ market. I acquired this remake movie and tried to put on-air in a Chinese commercial sponsored television slot in Mainland China.

      “The Miracle Worker” did not pass the Mainland China’s censors, and the reason was the story would have been inappropriate for chinese viewers, they told us. I wrote a long chinese letter explaining that “The Miracle Worker” was a popular book read by all ages in USA. And this story will move the hearts of all viewers.

      With the letter that I submitted, the Mainland Chinese government passed it. On the night of showing in China ( with chinese dubbed soundtrack ), I was worried that many would not understand the story line and that the movie will be misunderstood.Instead, we received many thank you letters from the Chinese viewers. They told me they thanked us to show such a moving story movie.

      From that moment, I knew what my mission was in life, and now with our own company, I continued attending MIPTV and MIPCOM, exploring new programs and innovative content like what I bought for the Chinese market.

      The Miracle Worker(TV 2000)
      TV Movie – 95 min – Drama – 12 November 2000 (USA) A television remake of William Gibson’s classic play about Annie Sullivan’s efforts to draw Helen Keller from her world of darkness and silence.