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      In 2010, the day before MIPTV ended, I went to lunch with a client. His CEO was still there, because his flight had been cancelled. It turned out he wasn’t the only one. So I realised the volcano – Eyjafjallajökull, which was erupting at the time – was going to reach well beyond Scandinavia.

      We started booking alternative transport for as many people as we could; we set up a business centre in the Palais, staffed by our US office (who couldn’t get home); posted useful information on Facebook (eg. about shopping, laundries & more practical Cannes info); we kept drivers on to take clients to the airport just in case (and then brought them back); several clients were booked into flats, where they grouped together to keep the costs down, so we had Canadian flats, US flats…; many of our Cannes hotel partners & agencies offered special rates, to help our clients out; we managed to get some people home via Barcelona or Milan; quite a few clients drove across Europe in the hope of catching flights elsewhere; one American client nearly bought a cruise ship ticket!

      We also tweeted information about services like the business centre, even though I didn’t have a clue what Twitter was back then!

      From the Wednesday after MIPTV, things started getitng back to normal, and people started leaving from the Thursday. Over 200 people visited our business centre over those few days, so it was nice to have been able to help them, especially as they carried on doing deals from the centre! We also got lots of thank you messages afterwards. Everyone pulled together to make the best of a bad situation. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again!