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      My first MIPTV was a flurry of faces, sun, meetings and drinks. I will readily admit that I had next to no idea what I was doing; having just quit my job at a public service broadcaster, I was extremely unaccustomed to the demands of the commercial television industry. What I was selling – or trying to sell, rather – was groundbreaking and innovative. Little did I know that groundbreaking and innovative is all good and fine, as long as it comes with impressive ratings from at least 2-3 major territories. Needless to say, sales were unimpressive. On the other hand, the experience was invaluable!

      Fast forward eight years and the MIPs feel like a second home. Granted, it’s a second home where you never know who’s going to be sitting on your couch when you get home, or knock on your door in the middle of the night. It’s a second home where the fridge is always stacked with hors-d’œuvre and champagne. It’s second home where you always sleep a little too little, but still manage to cope.

      The anecdotes and incidents over the years are simply too many to remember, let alone list here; from watching a yacht change hands over cocktails to sitting deep in conversation with someone I only later learned was the CEO of one of the top-three global production companies (duh!), from having that kind of meeting where you all of a sudden realize that it is going to change the course of your company forever to midnight swims in the Mediterranean with the production outfit from Germany (yes, of course we had swim trunks, as it would have been illegal otherwise, and we would never do anything illegal!).

      It’s a wonderful week with wonderful people, new contacts and old friends. And it’s like no other week I’ve ever experienced. Here’s to MIP; congrats on your first 50 years. May there be many more!